2017 starts off with a very dear project: Art Direction meets Photography in this unique collaboration.

10 January 2017


In recent years I've had the privilege to work alongside an inspiring photographer on various commercial and conceptual projects. If you flip through my work and read the credits of the team involved, you'll come across the name Ivaylo Petrov all too often.

02 December 2016

Robert Levon Been (B.R.M.C.) acoustic set in Sofia

It seems that July 18th was just a few weeks away - the day Robert Levon Been from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club casually passed through to play in Sofia. And now you can watch one full hour of the set, filmed by the fans.

01 December 2015


The guys from Comasummer asked me to take some photos of their rehearsal jams. Great new neopsyche band with some shoegazing moments on our local scene.

18 June 2015