Commissioned work by photographer Ivaylo Petrov as seen in the exhibition in VivacomArthall "Beyond the Portrait" in 2016. Read all about it.

"The Flight of Icarus" was perhaps my most challenging Art direction project. Sculpting a large group of people into a live composition on set and making Icarus fly with his mechanical wings in post was an exiting learning experience. Our chosen model was the amazing actor Leonid Yovchev, who immediately lived the role. Read more about the making process here.

"The Oracle" is part of the photographer's series about life in a post-apocalyptic world. We chose famous Bulgarian artist Peter Stanimirov (Peter Stan) for the part. I Art directed the image in terms of styling and feel, later compositing it into the final piece.

"Living in a Free State" features Bulgarian actor Malin Krastev. It is part of the photographer's conceptual series about life in former totalitarian countries from Europe's Eastern Block. The location of the shoot is actually Sofia's Palace of Justice. My roles were to Art Direct and Photo composit the piece into a coherent image. 

Concepts & Photography: Ivaylo Petrov
Models: Leonid Yovchev, Malin Krastev, Peter Stanimirov
Art direction & Photo compositing: Emanuela Belovarski

Year: 2016


Ivaylo Petrov Photography


Art direction, Post-process